Discover the latest technology in wireless internet.

4G home internet


4G Internet at home for only 25 euros per month.

A wireless broadband solution you can install yourself or installed it on home free.

No waiting. No fixed phone line No installation

Just Internet with broadband speed at the blink of an eye.

  • No minimum subscription term -
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Router cost: A one off payment of € 60 when you contract the service

How it works

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS ! - 4G isn't just for mobiles. We’re powered by our dedicated network that gives you fast internet, without the need for any wires.

No more engineers, roadworks or tangled cables.

Which means as soon as you plug in your Indoor Hub, you'll be able to enjoy the internet.

This is the internet that you need. Ask us for a free, non obligation trial at home. Please give us your phone number in this Contact Form

That easy. Try Five Days, free and without comminment.

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